Types and classifications of commonly used bag filter accessories

Bag filter accessories can be divided into the following categories.

1. Filter device accessories: filter unit accessories are divided into filter media accessories and filter bag accessories.

1) Filter materials are classified according to production methods.

① Fabric filter material is a kind of filter material, which is woven by (warp and weft) yarns in two vertically arranged systems.

② Non-woven filter material is a kind of fibrous structure filter material, which does not need general spinning and weaving process, it is directly woven into a net and then consolidated by mechanical and chemical methods.

③ The composite filter material is made of more than two methods or more than two materials.

④ Porous sintered filter material is a kind of filter material sintered by polymer compound, ceramic material, and pore former.

2) According to the classification of temperature resistance, it can be divided into normal temperature filter material, high-temperature filter material, and ultra-high-temperature filter material.

3) According to performance classification, it can be divided into ordinary filter media and high-performance filter media.

① Commonly used filter media include polyester (polyester, pet, PE) filter media, polypropylene (PP) filter media, acrylic (Pan) filter media, and polyamide (PA) filter media.

② High-performance filter media are divided into Nomex, aramid, PTFE, polysulfone amide, P84, PPS, and Ryton.

4) According to the source of fiber, it can be divided into natural fiber, chemical fiber, and inorganic fiber. Natural fibers are divided into plant fibers and animal fibers; chemical fibers are divided into man-made fibers and synthetic fibers; inorganic fibers are divided into glass fibers, metal fibers, and mineral fibers.

5) Classified by purpose, it can be divided into bag filter material, special filter material for filter element, and plastic sintered plate filter material.

6) Filter bag accessories

① The accessories of the blow-back dust cleaning filter bag include bag cover, screws, spring chain, hoop, bag seat, etc.

② Pulse cleaning bag accessories mainly include bag cages, also known as frames. According to the shape of the filter bag, the bag cage can be divided into a round bag cage, flat bag cage, and octagonal bag cage; according to the loading and unloading method, the bag cage can be divided into upper bag cage and lower bag cage; according to the structure, the bag cage can be divided into Cage type, spring type, and segmented bag cage.

2. Accessories for cleaning mechanism

1) Mechanical rapping and dust cleaning accessories include mechanical rapping device, compressed air rapping, motor eccentric rapping, lateral rapping device, and rapping device.

2) Back-blowing and dust removal accessories include a three-way reversing valve, disc-shaped three-way reversing valve, flapper valve, rotary switch valve, rotary back-blowing device, sonic cleaning device, etc.

3) Pulse cleaning accessories include pulse cleaning offline valve, disc air shut-off valve, pilot valve, ordinary electromagnetic pulse valve, ultra-low pressure large-diameter electromagnetic pulse valve, explosion-proof electromagnetic pulse valve, piston pulse valve.

4) Pulse cleaning decoration accessories include pressure-stabilized airbags, jet pipes, inducers, high-speed jet nozzles, and drainage nozzles.

5) Pulse valve

① Pulse valve can be divided into mechanical control pulse valve, pneumatic control pulse valve, and electromagnetic pulse valve according to the pilot control mode. Mechanically controlled pulse valves and pneumatically controlled pulse valves are products developed earlier and have been phased out. Now the most commonly used electromagnetic pulse valve is the electromagnetic pulse valve.

② According to the airflow, it can be divided into the right-angle valve, straight-through valve, and submerged valve.

③ According to the switch, it can be divided into a diaphragm valve and piston valve.

According to the interface form, it can be divided into internal thread interface valve (T type), external thread double-wall interface valve (DD type), flange interface valve (FS type), and direct interface valve with the outer wall of the air distribution box (MM type).

The accessories of the heating device include hot water heating, steam heating, and electric heating accessories.

3. Measuring Instruments

1) Temperature instruments are divided into expansion thermometers, pressure thermometers, and resistance thermometers.

2) Pressure instruments are divided into liquid column pressure gauges, compensation pressure gauges, and differential pressure transmitters.

3) Level gauges are divided into radiation level gauges, wing wheel level gauges, tuning fork level gauges, and radiofrequency admittance level gauges. 

4) Differential pressure transmitters are divided into capacitive differential pressure transmitters, piezoresistive differential pressure transmitters, and differential pressure controllers. 

5) The concentration detection instrument is divided into a dust emission detector and an online total emission detector 

4. Control device accessories 

1) Automatic control devices are divided into pulse controllers, computer pulse controllers, explosion-proof computer pulse controllers, and intelligent pulse controllers.

2) Overpressure relief devices are divided into safety valves, bursting disc devices, and a combination of the safety valves and bursting disc devices. 

5. Ash discharge accessories 

1) The ash discharge device is divided into a plug-in ash discharge valve, copy ash discharge valve and rotary ash discharge valve. 

2) Dust-free loader. 

3) Screw conveyors are divided into ordinary screw conveyors and shaftless screw conveyors. 

4) Dust humidifiers are divided into ys-type dust humidifiers and shaftless screw conveyors. 

5) The accessories of the ash bucket ash shed are divided into rapping motor, air gun, pneumatic arch breaker, air vibrator, ash bucket sound cleaning device, ash unloading and ash suction device, ash hopper fluidized tank, shed board, heat tracing Device. 

6. Compressed air device 

1) Compressed air pipeline 

2) Gas storage tank

3) The accessories of the compressed air device are divided into connecting pipes and flanges, pressure reducing valves, air filters, pneumatic triple parts, and safety valves 

4) Differential pressure device is divided into pressure measuring hole, differential pressure pipeline design, pressure gauge, and static pressure diagnosis technology.



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