How to choose the most suitable dust collector


1. For the bag filter, the use of temperature depends on two factors, the first is the highest temperature of the filter material, and the second is the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature. At present, due to the large selection of glass fiber filter, the maximum temperature of up to 280 ℃, higher than the temperature of the gas must take measures to reduce the temperature below the dew point of the gas must take measures to increase the temperature. For the bag filter, the use of temperature and dust removal efficiency is not obvious, this is different from the electrostatic precipitator, the electrostatic precipitator, the temperature changes will affect the dust resistance and other effects of dust removal efficiency.

2. The dust handling capacity (Q) processing air flow is the unit in the unit time can purify the volume of gas. Units are cubic meters per cubic meter (m3 / h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3 / h). It is one of the most important factors in the design of bag filter. According to the design of the air volume or the choice of bag filter, the filter can not be more than the provisions of the provisions of the air flow conditions, otherwise, the filter bag is easy to block, shorten the life, pressure loss increased significantly, dust removal efficiency should be reduced; The wind will be selected too large, or increase the equipment investment and land area. Reasonable choice of handling air volume is often based on process conditions and experience to decide.

3. The operating pressure of the bag filter is determined by the static pressure value of the dust collector and the installation position of the fan, and also the design pressure value of the bag filter. The inlet dust concentration is the inlet dust concentration, which is determined by the dusty process. It is another important factor in the design of air blows when designing or selecting a bag filter. Expressed in g / m3 or g / Nm3.

4. The pressure loss bag dust pressure loss is the gas from the dust collector inlet to the outlet pressure drop, or resistance. Bag pressure loss depends on the following three factors: ⑴ equipment structure of the pressure loss. ⑵ filter pressure loss. And the nature of the filter (such as porosity, etc.). ⑶ the accumulation of dust on the filter layer pressure loss.

5. For the bag filter, the inlet dust concentration will directly affect the following factors: ⑴ pressure loss and cleaning cycle. The inlet concentration increases, the same filter area on the fouling speed, the pressure loss increases, the result is to increase the number of cleaning. ⑵ filter bag and box wear. In the case of strong abrasive abrasion, the amount of wear can be considered to be proportional to the dust concentration. ⑶ pre-collection dust whether is necessary. Pre-dust collection is in front of the dust collector before adding a dust removal equipment, also known as the former dust. ⑷ ash discharge capacity of ash discharge device. The ash discharge capacity of the ash discharge device shall be based on the dust that can be discharged and the amount of dust equal to the inlet dust concentration multiplied by the air volume. ⑸ mode of operation. Bag filter is divided into positive and negative pressure two modes of operation, in order to reduce the fan wear, the entrance concentration should not use positive pressure mode of operation.

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