Four major process characteristics and damage problems of the high-temperature filter bag

The first way to improve the life of high-temperature dust collection bags is to reduce the collision of the cloth bags. This starts with the flower plate. The deformation of the flower plate should be controlled within 1/1000, which requires the thickness of the steel plate to be about 6 mm and the corresponding reinforcing ribs. Ensure the rigidity of the flower plate, and at the same time, ensure that the welding deformation is controlled within a small range when welding, and the welding place is smooth with burrs. Polyester burns and emits black smoke. Burning filter cloth can also be used as a means of identification. The polypropylene fiber glows blue after burning. The burning effect of other types of filter cloth cannot be accurately distinguished. Therefore, only the distinction between the above two materials is applicable. The filter cloth can be weighed. The main thing is to measure the thickness of the filter cloth, and then a method is slightly more troublesome. You should weigh a small piece (gram weight per square meter) and then comprehensively determine the filter cloth model according to the thickness, density, and technical indicators of the filter cloth. Of course, the premise is that you have a general understanding of the corresponding model of the filter cloth.

Four process characteristics of the high-temperature filter bag:
1. The quality of the high-temperature filter bag itself: There are countless filter materials, so the quality is good or bad. Needless to say, the filtering effect of the high-quality high-temperature filter bag is natural, but it is normal if you buy inferior cloth bags with short service life. The qualified high-temperature filter bag has a professional processing line, and the sewing process of the high-temperature filter bag is rigorous. The finished high-temperature filter bag will not have quality problems with off-line and dotted lines.

2. Temperature and humidity of dust-containing gas: The high-temperature filter bag can be called the heart of the bag filter. You can know how important the high-temperature filter bag is in the work of the bag filter, and the temperature of the dust is the key to choosing the filter cloth. Therefore, when buying a high-temperature filter bag, the inlet temperature of the dust collector should be calculated accordingly, and the normal temperature cloth bag or high-temperature cloth bag should be selected according to the temperature value. This is a way to extend the life of the high-temperature filter bag.

3. The characteristics of dust-containing gas: before choosing a high-temperature filter bag, you need to know whether the dust-containing flue gas is acid-base or corrosive dust. If the dust-containing flue gas contains high acid-base and corrosiveness, it is recommended that customers choose Only acid-base and corrosion-resistant high-temperature filter bags that can achieve good dust removal effects and prolong service life.

4. The wind speed of the bag filter is too high: the design of the filter wind speed of the dust collector is too high, which is the key reason for the shortening of the life of the high-temperature filter bag. Some businesses catch customers who do not understand the principle of the dust collector and deliberately put the bag type when selling the dust removal equipment. The filter wind speed of the dust collector is designed to be very high. Although the dust removal effect is obvious in a short time after the dust collector is put into use, this will greatly shorten the service life of the high-temperature filter bag.

The distance between the high-temperature filter bag is too small, the keel is bent, etc., it is easy to cause wear between the cloth bags. The difference between the diameter of the cloth bag and the keel is that the cleaning effect is not good when it is too small, which will shorten the cleaning cycle and increase the pressure of the blowing air. When it is too large, the friction between the bag and the keel will accelerate the wear. For some filter cloths that change greatly with temperature and have elongation characteristics, special attention should be paid.

The specific content of the damage of the high-temperature filter bag is summarized as follows:

1. Wear and tear: Wear and tear of the high-temperature dust-removing bag mainly occurs in the middle of the dust collector, and on a single high-temperature dust-removing bag, it mainly occurs within 1 meter of the cloth bag from the outlet. The main reason is the uneven distribution of flue gas. The flow velocity in the middle of the single room is too high, and the filtering air velocity at the outlet of a single high-temperature dust bag is too high, causing dust to impact and wear the cloth bag, and also make the fabric fiber of the high-temperature filter bag The tension is damaged, it is easy to perforate the bag locally, and the service cycle is too short. Replace the high-temperature filter bag for frequently worn parts with abrasion-resistant cloth bags.

2. Too high filtering airspeed will break the initial dust layer and cause excessive wear when the dust impacts the bag. If the number of cleaning the bag is too high at this time, it will easily cause the fabric of the bag to loosen and accelerate the wear of the bag. The dust in the flue gas exceeds the design standard, which will also accelerate the wear of the cloth bag. The small ash bucket accumulates too much dust, which causes excessive dust in the flue gas chamber and accelerates the wear of the cloth bag.

3. When there are holes or burrs in the keel welding place or the rough surface produced by corrosion, it will also accelerate the wear of the bag. The bag is not tightly sealed with the perforated plate, which will cause wear at the front end of the bag.

4. The venturi or pulse tube is not aligned correctly with respect to the bag, which will easily cause the airflow from the blowing tube to directly wash the upper section of the bag and cause wear. Too frequent cleaning of the cloth bag will accelerate the wear of the cloth bag.

5. Burning: If the high-temperature dust-removing bag is left in the flue gas exceeding the normal use temperature of the cloth bag for a long time, it is easy to harden and shrink the high-temperature dust-removing bag, or melt to produce holes. The thickness of the initial layer of the cloth bag is not enough, the sparks carried by the smoke enter the cloth bag, or the dust generates heat, which will also cause holes in the high-temperature filter bag. The burning of the high-temperature dust bag is mainly reflected in the replacement of the high-temperature dust bag. Since pre-coating is not carried out after the online change, the high-temperature flue gas carries sparks directly in contact with the cloth bag, which is likely to cause the high-temperature filter bag to be burned. Measures to prevent burning: Ensure the initial layer thickness on the surface of the high-temperature filter bag.

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