How to choose the best filter cages

Users in the use of dust collector, to choose a good filter cage to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector. The filter cage is the rib of the filter bag and plays an important role in the filter bag. Therefore, we choose high-quality filter cage, we must first check whether the surface of the filter cage is smooth, straight, it is best not to produce a burr, or will damage the filter bag. But also to see whether the welding is uniform, reasonable structure, durable. In fact, qualified filter cage should be consistent with lightweight, smooth, straight requirements. So choose a qualified filter cage is particularly important.

Filter cage is generally divided into circular cage, trapezoidal cage, spring cage, etc., Below we will use these three filter cages to talk about how to choose a qualified filter cage.

Circular cage generally use a special equipment, a welding molding, we should choose the filter cage should have sufficient strength, stiffness, verticality and size of the accuracy, to prevent compression deformation, damage during transport, filter bag into the dust after each other contact and bagging difficulties, filter bag friction and so on; All the solder joints must be strong, not allowed to have desoldering, soldering and leakage welding; Filter cage and filter bag contact surface should be smooth, not allowed to have scar bump flat burrs; filter cage surface must be anti-corrosion treatment, available spray, paint or plating, for high temperature corrosion treatment agent should meet the requirements of high temperature.

Trapezoidal cage generally use flat structure, trapezoidal cage of the longitudinal and anti-ring evenly distributed, and have sufficient strength to prevent damage and deformation, in order to ensure the strength of the wire and improve the appearance of quality, we choose the cage should be selected φ6.5 steel pull, and then in the tires on the adult assembly, grinding to meet the technical requirements. Trapezoidal cage using silicone spray or galvanized, painting and other technologies, the coating is firm, decay, to avoid the dust collector work for some time after the cage surface corrosion and filter bag bonding, to ensure smooth filter bag, while reducing the filter process damage to the filter bag.

The spring cage is made of 4mm diameter spring wire on the lathe, used in the length of about 3000mm on the filter bag, the top hanging in the top of the filter bag room, the lower end of the hook hanging in the hook on the plate. The filter cage is light, we in the choice should choose a certain degree of flexibility. Spring cage according to different conditions using different materials filter cage, spring cage material is low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire. Spring cage design structure is firm and reliable, longer service life.

In short, the choice of filter cage, the best reference to the relevant information or consult a professional production plant and experts. Now there are many filter cage production plants, different varieties, different prices. Therefore, in the selection of the filter cage to consider its price to ensure that the filter cage has a longer life, which also ensures the normal running of dust collector.

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