How to prolong the life of the filter bag?

1. The filter bag should not be too loose or too tight, too loose easily dust, too easy to pull bad.

2. The aging of the filter bag. Mainly due to the following reasons, to be the cause of investigation, to take measures to remove filter bag.
① due to abnormal high temperature and hardening shrinkage;
② due to acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor contact reaction;
③ react with moisture.
3. The new process of old filter bags should not be mixed, to avoid damage to the different effects of dust removal equipment to work properly.
4. Replace the filter bag, first with compressed air blowing, and then check whether the hole, a hole after the repair to be replaced. Such as dust paste the filter bag, rinse with water, dry and left to be replaced.
5. Filter bag clogging. When the filter bag is clogged, the resistance is increased and can be increased by the reading of the differential pressure meter. Bag clogging is caused by bag wear, perforation, shedding and other phenomena of the main reasons.
Cause filter bag clogging reasons, according to the table to check and repair. Generally take the following measures:
① temporarily strengthen the cleaning, in order to eliminate the clogging of the filter bag;
② part or all of the replacement filter bag;

③ adjust the installation and operating conditions.

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