Is the higher the injection pressure of the dust collector the better

The injection pressure of the pulse bag filter refers to the compressed air pressure for pulse injecting.

Injecting and cleaning mean that after the pulse valve injects out the airflow, the induced secondary air flow forms a back injecting air velocity to clean the filter bag.

When the injecting pressure is too low, the dust on the surface of the filter bag will not be peeled off in time after the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter bag, which will increase the running resistance of the dust collector.

When the spraying interval and spraying time remain unchanged, the spraying pressure increases, the cleaning effect becomes better, and the operation resistance of the dust collector drops significantly. However, if the injection pressure is too high, excessive dust removal will occur, which will affect the purification efficiency. The dust collector may appear instantaneous "ashing" phenomenon, and at the same time, the air consumption will increase and energy will be wasted.

It can be seen that the blowing pressure is too high or too low will affect the filtering effect.

How to choose the injection pressure?

In the daily operation of the precipitator, the injecting pressure can be adjusted through the operation resistance of the precipitator.

1. When the new filter bag is installed on the machine, it can generally be set with reference to 800Pa. It also needs to be adjusted in conjunction with the filter wind speed, inlet concentration, and running time. At this time, the surface of the filter bag has not yet formed a powder layer, which can reduce the injection pressure and extend spray interval time;

2. After the dust collector runs for a period of time, the running resistance reaches about 1200 Pa and tends to be flat. At this time, the spray pressure can be increased appropriately and the spray interval can be reduced to ensure the stability of the running resistance;

3. When the operation resistance of the dust collector increases too fast, the injection pressure can be increased correspondingly to reduce the operation resistance of the dust collector. When the operation resistance increases slowly, the injection pressure can be adjusted to keep the operation resistance within the normal range.

4. When the dust collector runs for a large period of the running resistance increases sharply, and the resistance reaches 1500Pa-2000Pa, if increasing the injection pressure can not reduce the running resistance, it is necessary to consider whether the filter bag has reached the service life of the bag sticking phenomenon occurs. It is necessary to check and judge the condition of the filter bag and replace the filter bag in time, instead of blindly increasing the injection pressure or frequency.

Therefore, the selection of the injection pressure needs to refer to the size of the running resistance. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the dust collector, use the constant pressure and timing methods to adjust the injection pressure in combination with the powder layer on the surface of the filter bag.

At the same time, check and maintain the filter bag regularly to prevent the filter bag from being damaged or sticking to the bag and prolong the service life of the filter bag.



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