Main points of maintenance of dust collector in asphalt mixing station

Bag dust collectors are widely used in dust removal applications in the asphalt mixing industry. Bag dust collectors in the mixing station are mainly divided into two mainstream forms: atmospheric backflushing and pulse cleaning.

In the overall application, the daily maintenance work of the bag dust collector is very important. The quality of the dust collector maintenance directly affects the output of our production and the replacement cycle of the bag.

SINO provides you with several points to keep in mind according to the different methods of dust removal for dust collectors:

1. Atmospheric backflushing

The atmospheric back-blowing cleaning method is mainly to use the dust collector mechanical equipment (cylinder, valve) to switch from one chamber to the other to change the positive and negative pressure relationship. The fan wind attraction and the atmosphere are used to clean the filter bags one by one so that the filter bags are breathable Get regenerated.

Please note:

1) Whether the cylinder assembly of each chamber works normally, whether the solenoid valve is energized, and whether the stroke of the cylinder meets the requirements. (You can manually open the inspection during maintenance)

2) The sealing degree of the backflush gate. After using for a period of time, the sealing strip of the device shutter may be aged or fall off. At this time, the sealing is not good when the positive and negative pressures in the warehouse are switched to clean, and the cleaning effect is not ideal, even in serious cases. The phenomenon of not being able to clear dust, this is also a top priority in all usual maintenance.

3) The degree of scaling and corrosion of the separator of the clean air chamber. Atmospheric backflushing equipment is under negative pressure during normal operation. When the equipment is cleaned, it will change from negative pressure to positive pressure. If the chamber cannot be completely sealed, the gas flow used for cleaning will be diverted, resulting in weak cleaning. Can't even clear the dust. Therefore, the seal of the chamber is also the top priority.

2. Pulse cleaning
Pulse cleaning is mainly a kind of cleaning method that uses compressed air to deflate instantaneously through a pulse solenoid valve and drive the surrounding gas to instantly clean the filter bag. It can be divided into online cleaning, offline cleaning, and airbox cleaning. gray.
Please note:

1) The working status of the pulse valve, the wiring of the solenoid valve and the diaphragm of the pulse valve.

2) Pulse injection tube. During each maintenance and inspection, you should pay attention to the tightness of the pulse tube, whether it has fallen off, or the blowing port cannot be perpendicular to the bag mouth.

3) The cleaning pressure should be adjusted according to the production situation and the nature of the dust, and should not be too high or too low.

3. General rules
1) Inspection and maintenance of the cold air valve to ensure that the cold air valve of the dust collector is stable, effective, and controllable.

2) When starting, the compressed air should be connected to the air storage tank first, the control power supply should be connected, and the ash discharge device should be started.

3) When the dust will quickly accumulate in the hopper and overflow into the bag room. In severe cases, the high-temperature dust will burn the bag.

4) The air supply tank and the dust collector connection pipe should be installed with a triple air source, and the triple water oil separator should be drained once per shift. At the same time, the oil-water separator should be cleaned regularly, and the oil mist device should be regularly checked for oil storage and timely Come on.

5) The dust collector should be regularly inspected for derusting and anticorrosion. Check whether the welding seam of the dust collector flower plate is tight and whether the clean air chamber is sealed. Whether the cover is properly sealed.

6) Reducer, ash conveying device and other mechanical moving parts should be filled and replaced with oil according to the regulations. When entering the ash hopper, no foreign objects should be left in the ash hopper. Prevent the twisted dragon from getting stuck.

7) During the shutdown, after the processing system is stopped, the bag dust collector and fan should continue to work for a period of time to lower the temperature in the dust collector steadily. It must be noted that when the bag dust collector stops working, the bag dust collector must be cleaned repeatedly to strip the dust from the dust filter bag to prevent the bag from being affected by the moisture.

8) When shutting down, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source, especially when the fan is working, compressed air must be provided to the poppet valve cylinder to ensure that the poppet valve is open.

9) Regularly record the parameters of the cloth dust collector, such as the amount of flue gas, the temperature of the exhaust gas, the emission concentration, and the negative pressure. If an abnormality is found, the cause should be found and dealt with in a timely manner.



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