Maintenance Instructions and Advantages and Disadvantages of Baghouse

Baghouse dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%, can meet the requirements of environmental protection, to exhaust volatility, the recovery of valuable fine-grained material is more economic value, but the initial investment is relatively high, baghouse dust removal equipment commonly used in the furnace dust or powder transport dust air purification. Used for metallurgy, cement, chemicals, light industry and other industries, not subject to air volume restrictions.

The working mechanism of the baghouse is dust-laden smoke through the filter material, dust particles are filtered down, filter material to capture coarse dust mainly by inertial collision, trapping dust mainly by the role of diffusion and screening. Baghouse as the most basic dust removal accessories.

Baghouse maintenance instructions:
Daily: Perform a round trip check on the pressure drop of each filter unit column, valve, cylinder and inlet and outlet air valve, and record at least once every two hours.
Weekly: the entire cleaning cycle to observe the system to confirm the cleaning cycle, the operation of the valve out of the valve and PLC operation is normal. Check the door seal check.
Monthly: For all access valves, solenoid valves, limit switches, motors and equipment according to its operating functions for detailed inspection.
Every year: One or two filter bags are randomly selected from each filter unit column to analyze the life of the baghouse and the required replacement.
An opportunity, or at least once a year, to the baghouse in the filter chamber in the net gas section of the possible fouling, the condition of the baghouse, the fouling of the hopper, the performance of the electrical components, the sealing of the valves and air leaks to check.

Advantages of baghouse:
1. Baghouse dust removal efficiency is high, can capture more than 0.3 micron particle size of the fine dust, dust removal efficiency of up to 99% or more;
2. Baghouse is flexible, the amount of air can be handled from millions of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters, can be directly located in the indoor machine near the small units can also be made of large dust collector;
3. Baghouse structure is simple, stable operation, less investment, easy maintenance.

The shortcomings of the baghouse:
1. Bag dust collector power consumption is large, because of its role with the powder-containing gas in the opposite direction, and rapid reduction through the space, the formation of resistance;

2. Baghouse dust on the dust have certain requirements, high moisture content or dust sticky dust-like gas is not suitable.

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