The differences of cartridge filter and bag filter

Cartridge filter dust collector relative to the bag filter dust collector, the same air volume conditions, small size, easy installation, filtration accuracy because of its use of filter media substrate restrictions, higher than the average bag. It is much simpler to replace the cartridge filter than to replace the bag filter. The amount of compressed air required is less.

The disadvantage is that the need for compressed air pressure is greater, the difficulty of blowing more than the bag filter, the applicable surface than the bag filter is narrow, both in price, use and maintenance costs, the degree of automation on the same brand is not much difference. The details of the analysis of the following aspects:

Advantages of bag filter dust collector:
1:bag filter life should be relatively long, not easy to break;
2:bag filter cleaning effect is better, can be fully cleaned;
3: follow-up long-term use of maintenance costs lower;

4: high filtration efficiency

The disadvantages of bag filter dust collector:
1: The filter area of the bag is small.
2: because the bag area is small lead bag dust collector equipment slightly larger, so the area is slightly larger; and filter-type dust collector compared to the same filter area of the device cartridge size will be more gentle.

3: the first time the cost of investment;

Advantages of cartridge filter dust collector:
1: the first phase of the input cost is small;
2: equipment is small, small footprint;

3: filter effect and bag filter effect is no different, are the most extensive filtering on the market.

The disadvantages of cartridge filter dust collector:
1: because the filter surface is V-shaped folds, so the compressed air in the repeated cleaning when the fold is easy to fold;
2: because the V-shaped wrinkle space will lead to dust easily loose or stacked in the V-shaped clear after the blockage of the filter, increase the filter resistance, so that the filter area to reduce the filter to make it easier to break.
3: because the filter is easy to plug and damage, so the replacement frequency will be higher.

4: replacement frequency and cartridge prices higher reason, so filter cartridge follow-up maintenance costs will certainly be higher.

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