Production Workshop

We have excellent processing equipment and innovative process tooling. Now we have developed an Automatic Filter Bag Frame Production Line, Wallboard Forming Process, Assembling Technology of Pulse Injection Gas Drum, Ceiling Plate Punching Tooling, and Analog Inspection Device for the Whole Machine, etc. All these advanced technological tools provide practical quality assurance for the manufacture of the large, medium, and small dust removal equipment. 

Professional environmental protection design personnel can design the dust removal system under various complex working conditions, rather than simply carry out the so-called "equipment selection" from the rationality of the system, technological innovation, input-output economy, and other aspects, and design a dust removal system adapted to the working conditions of various industrial pollution sources. The emission index meets or falls below the required standard. 

Excellent equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology, rich experience in dust removal equipment production, sound management and perfect ISO quality assurance system, complete detection means, can guarantee to provide you with high-quality products and services.



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