Industrial deodorant equipment

  • Industrial deodorant equipment
  • Industrial deodorant equipment
  • Industrial deodorant equipment
Industrial deodorant equipmentIndustrial deodorant equipmentIndustrial deodorant equipment

Industrial deodorant equipment

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Power: 0.4KW/hour
  • Air volume: 500 - 3000m3/h
  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)
  • Product description: It can remove volatile organic compounds, inorganic matter. The main pollutants, such as: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan and various stench, etc. Deodorization efficiency can reach more than 98%

Introduction of Industrial deodorant equipment

We are an integrated manufacturing dust collection and exhaust gas treatment equipment company that with research, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning advisory services.

UV Photo-catalytic deodorization equipment is our R & D production of mature products and mainly use for industrial waste gas purification. It has explode into a prominence in the domestic and international markets.

Differently with the dust collector, which is mainly used to purify toxic gases containing irritating odor or malodor. It use of special catalyst for oxidation and reduction reaction; and use high-energy UV ultraviolet light beam, ozone and catalyst for the decomposition of the malodorous gas oxidation reaction, the degradation of malodorous gas substances into low molecular weight compounds, water and carbon dioxide, to achieve the purpose of deodorization and kill bacteria.

Structure of Industrial deodorant equipment

Working Principle

The use of  UV light and special high energy beam gas, pyrolysis gas such as methanol, ethanol, organic amine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide hydrogen, methyl mercaptan and dimethy sulfide, two methyl two sulfur, carbon disulfide and sulfide H2S, styrene, VOC, benzene, toluene, molecular chain structure xylene, the organic or inorganic polymer molecular chain of odorous compounds, in high-energy ultraviolet light irradiation, the degradation into low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O etc.

Features of Industrial deodorant equipment

1. High efficiency De odor: It can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), the main pollutants of inorganic compounds, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and odor, deodorization efficiency up to 99% or more, the deodorization effect greatly exceeded the national emission standard of odor pollutants issued in 1993.

2. No need to add any substance: It only need to set the corresponding exhaust ductand blower, so that odor gas through this equipment for deodorization, decomposition and purification, without adding any substance to participate in chemical reactions.

3. Strong adaptability: It can adapt to high concentration, atmospheric quantity, different odor gas material deodorization purification treatment, can work 24 hours every day, continuous operation, stable and reliable.

4. Low operating cost: The equipment without any mechanical action, no noise, no special management and daily maintenance, only for regular inspection, the low energy consumption equipment, equipment drag is lower than 50PA, can save a large amount of exhaust wind power consumption.

5. Without pre-treatment: malodorous gases without special pretreatment, such as heating and humidifying equipment.  It can work properly under the condition of working environment temperature 30 ~95 degrees Celsius, humidity in 30%~98%, PH value in 2-13.

6. Small footprint and light weight: It suitable for tight layout, narrow space and other special conditions, equipment covers an area of less than 1 square meters per deal with 10000m3/h air volume.

7. High-tech patent products: using the international advanced technology concept, through testing experts and engineering technicians in our company long-term repeated, developed, with independent research and development of high-tech environmental purification products, can completely decompose stench gas toxic and harmful substances, and can achieve perfect deodorization result, the stench dissolved gases, can fully meet the harmless emissions, will not have two pollution, at the same time, the role of sterilization.

Application Fields

Scope of Application: deodorization treatment of odor gas in refinery, coking plant, rubber plant, chemical plant, fertilizer plant, pharmaceutical factory, paint factory, ink printing plant, foundry, meat, aquatic processing plants, tanneries, sewage treatment plants, refuse transfer stations, etc.